Starts on 20-06-2021

It has been a regular scenario that students generally opt for exam oriented courses in Kerala PSC only once they have completed their graduation. i.e they are directly put into the field of competition without having a tool or awareness to accomplish such competition. 

Futton introduces course programmes for engineering students to step up in the field of competition. We provide an entry level programme courses for PSC technical examinations. The contents for this course is mandatory for all Kerala PSC technical exams based on the relevant branch of engineering.

Course Features

1.Pre-recorded classes of all subjects 

Subjects Included 
1. Strength of Materials
2. Structural Analysis
3. Geotechnical Engineering
4. Surveying
5. Environmental Engineering
6. Transportation Engineering
7. RCC and prestressed concrete structures
8. Steel Structures
9. Fluid Mechanics
10. Hydrology and Irrigation

COURSE FEE-  Rs 7000 /- incl of GST

OFFERED FEE- Rs 4900 /- incl of GST



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