Future Projects 2.1

future projects 2.1


Do You Know what is common with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Reddit, Facebook and Time magazine? They were all Ideas from College students that took the world by storm. Hard work determination and perseverance along with some encouragement saw them become World shaping enterprises.

It’s time to give your dream project the wings it always deserved. It’s time to put the innovator in you to the real test. What if all of this comes with an opportunity to win prizes worth of INR 15 Lakhs !!!

Final Year projects are a great platform for engineering students to showcase their knowledge, creativity and work ethic. Unfortunately the real impact and potential of an all-round project is never full filled in our current Academic structure and a large amount of real gem of ideas are only seen as a course work to score marks.

    We at Futton,an Emerging Ed Tech startup are committed to Unearth and promote Ideas worth implementing among Engineers. As part of our talent appreciation program we Introduce FUTURE PROJECTS 2.1, a competition to stay for years, where B tech students can submit their final year projects and gets an opportunity to Win Prizes worth of 15 Lakhs. Along with this selected projects gets evaluated by top level professionals in industry and academics and students gets a valuation report of opportunities of publication, presentation or implementation of such projects. So take that leap of faith,Get your gang together, showcase your work to be reviewed by experts, stand for and defend your dream and may be this could be the breakthrough for the Future you.

Final year engineering students of all streams - mechanical, civil, electronic and electrical can take part in the contest by submitting your project synopsis down below with absolutely free participation.

First prize winning team from each stream  will win Rs.40,000 cash prize and each of its team member will also win Futton online course worth Rs.25,000 for 2 years !!

Each Team members of Second prize winning teams from each stream  will win Futton online course worth Rs.20,000 for 2 years!!

Likewise, Each Team members of Third prize winning teams from each stream  will win Futton online course worth Rs.15,000 for 2 years!!

Apart from this all the participants will get exciting offers on Futton courses!!


Don't miss out the chance...Gear up ...and submit your synopsis today itself!!

Push out your limits and let the world know your true potential.

Last Date for Submission: 14th July 2021

Wishing you all good luck

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